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brightened my day

Have a bit of a headache but this brightened my day. Sam with an sexy
scottish accent *drool*

Since I had my operation I didn't have time to do christmas present shopping. I solved this by on-line buying. But... the postman called at the door this morning when I was on the loo. And as I'm not that quick on my feet yet, I couldn't get down the stairs quick enough ... Sometimes the postman leaves the package by the back door, he didn't :-( Now I still have to get to the post office before christmas.

Had my first piece of chocolate since 2 months today, didn't like it that much even though I was craving it, maybe I'm cured?

I am a woos

Tomorrow I'm going to have surgery to have my gallbladder removed. I have gallstones and had 2 severe attacks in November. I have only had my tonsils removed when I was 3 and have luckily avoided hospitals since.
I am scared shitless now, even though I know this is minor surgery and there are worse things people are confronted with, but I am a woos. A very big woos. It is the surrendering to the doctor, not being in control. I have only seen this man once and he was very nice (even funny). My GP recommended him and I trust him. I have to go in at 8 am and the surgery will take place the same day.
I guess I won't be sleeping much tonight, but I will be sedated for a good part of the day so I will catch that up soon :-). I hope I can come home by wednesday.


beware what you wish for

Lately I've been hating my job. Since last year we got such a backlog because the new cases are pouring in and it's just the 3 of us in the department. Upper management closes their eyes and ears for our problems and are to cheap to get in more help. They still don't get it that that one extra paycheck also generates more income.

So I was wishing for some time away from it. Well I got my wish. Last wednesday I joined my husband and his colleagues for a twilight sailing race. We had fun until I misstepped and busted my knee. So now I'm confined to my sofa. Luckily apparently nothing is broken or torn and I should be mobile again in two weeks. The worst thing is I can't get to my freezer to get some comforting ice cream.

Now I have free time to catch up with movies, Sergio in the Fedex play offs, etc. Saw Atonement yesterday, was not crazy about it. It is an interesting story and moving end, but I found the way the story was told too slow.

I'm watching way too much cookery programs. The hairy bakers are making a yummy apple pie! Even midnight the horse nodded approvingly :-)

NOOOOOOOO, not again! He loses by 2 strokes. My poor Corazón valiente *hugs him to her chest*

To all you out there who will take this as an opportunity to bad-mouth him again....

OMG OMG, be still my beating heart

I have just turned on the computer to look at the leader board of the PGA Championship

OMG, OMG, Sergio is on top of the leader board...

He has that irish man chasing him again,, go away Padraig, you already have the Open. Let Serge have this one!!

*sits on knees and prays*


Ever done your hoovering in high heels?

I have bought shoes for a wedding. Went mad and bought 3.5 inch heels.

I have about 3 weeks to 'break them in' So this weekend I've been hoovering and dusting in them LOL.

I was just missing the music from Queen

I still better take some flat ones to be dancing the gay gordon at the wedding reception!

Birthday boy

Yes, it's Sam's birthday!!!!  

Have a good one Sammy were ever you are today.   *hugs*

Just look out you don't wake up like this tomorrow :-)

I had to confront myself again today.

First there was that notice in the post 'inviting' me to change my identity card with the new sort with a chip.  In fact they tell you if you don't do so they cancel your card even if it is still valid till 2010 (forget about traveling !).  So I had to do the thing... get those passport pictures.  I never look good in these things.  My hair is a mess, the smile is cramped,....  This morning I got up tryed to get my hair half descent (I'm letting it grow for this wedding I'm going to, so there has not been a hairdresser near it in months) slapped on some 'natural' make up and on I went.  The lady at the shop had to take 3 trys (hallelujah for digital camera's) and it turned out ok. 

Second there was shopping for the aforementioned wedding.  6 months ago I had the idea I would get ride of those pounds I had piled on again by July and that I would fit in to a nice dress.  Naah, I couldn't be more wrong.  All the stress at work has only led to me piling on more pounds

Shopping for the perfect outfit was going to be a nightmare and it was.  Dresses made me look like..... a square block of concrete....  Other things were either to small or to big 'yes, it is the end of season, there is not much left ....'  END OF SEASON??? The f-ing summer hasn't started yet and do people always run around in party frocks??  In the end I have now two options: Black trousers in a soft material (to big but luckily my mum is a wizard seamstress) with a black V-neck top. The two options are: if it is chilly that day (it is in Scotland after all) a silver knitted vest or,  if it is hot , a low V-neck black and white pattern see-through blouse.  With the right accessories it will be nice, I'm going for silver.  I fact I already saw the perfect shoes and handbag and dirt cheap too.  Unfortunately to get them I would have to get on a plane to Spain.  I saw them in a shop in Castellón, but it was Sunday and they were closed. :-(
It seems I will need to find the shoes and bag soon, as it is the 'end of season' and sales will be starting soon.

And do you thing all this self loathing would keep me away from 'bad things'? Oh no, in the shopping mall I was drawn to the Australian ice cream bar and ordered butterscotch and crème brulée.

Long time no write.

Wow, it has been a long time since my last post. I do not seem to have any inspiration these days. Actually nothing exciting happening.

Since May 1st we have been enjoying extremely nice weather for our corner of Europe. 26°C on average, so we could dig out the summer clothing (and discover that button is again more difficult to close and that top is very tight) Photobucket

Photobucket went to a party last night and we sat outside till 3 am, nice, very nice. We did reach a new level of silliness. The friend trowing the party was wearing her little black dress with no pockets, so she put her phone in her bra. As some people called to find the way to the party location, the thing, that was on vibrating, caused some hilarity. Maybe a bit alcohol induced, a few of us ended up with putting our phones in our bra and than texting or calling each other. How low can you go, but we had fun. The evening ended in some re-inacting Alo, Alo! Hello it is I..... OOOOOOOOh René...... So Gruber where is your little tank... LOL

Best news of this weekend however is:

My baby Garcia has finally won a tournament again! He's been working very had on his putting (and probably mental game) and he finally got it: The Players championship.
I hope this puts him back on track. I hope he gets his major this year, but if he doesn't.
Sergio baby, I will still love you!Photobucket

And to all the critics out there who can't help them selves and want to report this in the "yeah but" style and drag up the 2007 open again Photobucket

He looks absolutely amazing in the black outfit with the trophy!

Man I wish I was a putter.


A discussion on much ado about you know who led to the famous curls being discussed ;-)

Came up with the challenge

wear a 'free the curls t-shirt' and get Sam to sign it LOL


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