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Long time no write.

Wow, it has been a long time since my last post. I do not seem to have any inspiration these days. Actually nothing exciting happening.

Since May 1st we have been enjoying extremely nice weather for our corner of Europe. 26°C on average, so we could dig out the summer clothing (and discover that button is again more difficult to close and that top is very tight) Photobucket

Photobucket went to a party last night and we sat outside till 3 am, nice, very nice. We did reach a new level of silliness. The friend trowing the party was wearing her little black dress with no pockets, so she put her phone in her bra. As some people called to find the way to the party location, the thing, that was on vibrating, caused some hilarity. Maybe a bit alcohol induced, a few of us ended up with putting our phones in our bra and than texting or calling each other. How low can you go, but we had fun. The evening ended in some re-inacting Alo, Alo! Hello it is I..... OOOOOOOOh René...... So Gruber where is your little tank... LOL

Best news of this weekend however is:

My baby Garcia has finally won a tournament again! He's been working very had on his putting (and probably mental game) and he finally got it: The Players championship.
I hope this puts him back on track. I hope he gets his major this year, but if he doesn't.
Sergio baby, I will still love you!Photobucket

And to all the critics out there who can't help them selves and want to report this in the "yeah but" style and drag up the 2007 open again Photobucket

He looks absolutely amazing in the black outfit with the trophy!

Man I wish I was a putter.


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