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Can anyone explain were socks go? I am pretty sure they went in the dryer as a pair and out came only one of them.... Where do they go? Do they ever come back? Why do they disappear? Is there a sock heaven?


nothing like a good up and down ..... 8-)

Just a little add of Sergio as Bond for Michelob

Better quality than the one on You Tube (where the audio is out of sync - does make it funny).


He's a cute kind of Bond. (Isn't that a contradictio in terminis: cute and Bond?)

The best James Bond for me still is Sean Connery.

Advertsing (almost) kills

Today I got to test the brakes of my car. In a stupid way. On my way home from shopping I was distracted by a new advertisement on the side of a bus shelter, I couldn't quite make out what it was for so I looked over .... suddenly I saw the cars in front of me had stopped. Wheeeee... free adrenaline boost! I must say my brakes work perfectly even tough a service is long overdue (can't find the time). Ads on the side of the road are dangerous. I can vividly remember the William Lawson campaign with the gorgeous kilted man.... I bet that caused a lot of pile ups.

Last week whilst ebaying for a birthday present for a mate of mine (autograph vinyl from his fav group) I ended up buying myself a present too. A signed card by .... Samuel West ... Squeeeee. It says "Have fun, Samuel West ETL". Swoon, such an elegant handwriting and I'm pretty sure it is genuine (so don't burst my bubble). My husband saw it when the post arrived. "What did you buy that for??" Oh dear, how can I explain? "One of these days it might be worth a lot of money" No, not really, but the real reason he would not understand - Like he doesn't understand why when he turns our private computer a giant wallpaper of a cutely smiling Sergio Garcia pops up and the screensaver sends Sergio in every possible position on the course flying by LOL. No honey, because going to London seeing his play and camping out at the stage entrance for his autograph on my flesh, excuse me, in the flesh will cost more... ;-)

And I'm a bit proud too. To start getting fit for the upcoming golf season I set up a program with my pro. One of the items was getting fitter by taking up additional fitness by eg cycling. The problem is I have to buy a bike, don't own one anymore. So till I find the right bike I decided to get a head start on doing something about the huge love handles that have grown back on my bod. I have ended my relationship with Häagen dazs and have rekindled the affair with low fat yogurt and fruit. But it's hard, I miss the touch on my lips of his cold smooth texture and the question; chocolate sauce or whipped cream darling? Both..... thud.
Still; eating more vegetables, less fast carbs, less fat food... resulted in losing 3.7kg. Yippee, result. So please give me strength to continue, it's not only the golf, it's also the question of the posh wedding of friends of ours and I would like to be able to by a nice sexy dress. (Plus that pile of clothes in my wardrobe with don't fit any more...:( )

*bites in an apple*

happy Valentine's day

Your Candy Heart Says "First Kiss"

You're a true romantic who brings an innocent hope to each new relationship.
You see the good in every person you date, and you relish each step of falling in love.

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a romantic dinner your sweetie cooks for you

Your flirting style: friendly and sweet

What turns you off: cynics who don't believe in romance

Why you're hot: you always keep the romance alive

I'm a sucker for Valentine's day :)

So happy Valentine's day to you all!

I like gophers

I had a silly dream this morning. Just before you wake up you sometimes have these very vivid dreams you remember? I was sitting around chatting with some other girls when suddenly Tiger Woods came in the room and started watering the plants, yes with a watering bucket not ... We were all ogling him, squeeing and he was just going on with his plants :-)

How do these things get into our subconscious? probably this way:last weekend was the Dubai classic tournament. Several of my favourite players were participating, amongst them sergio-you-are-too-young-for-me-to-covet-you-Garcia who had a good start and had the lead for about 10 minutes, but he could not keep it up unfortunately *wink* and Ernie Els. Els did his best and at the end he still had a chance to get a play-off with Tiger, but the water hazard at the 18th messed that up. So Tiger won, again, deservedly, he is an awesome player. *Sends Ernie to go with her hubby to drown their sorrow in a glass of nice south african wine and herself goes over to Serge and comforts him at her bosom*

So from looking at the scores of the day on europeantour.com I wandered over to You tube looking for some Tiger vids as, since yesterday was also superbowl night,I remembered that there was one where he tackles a thief (is a commercial) when I stumbled on this commercial based on the caddyshack (a bad but funny movie about golf)

I love how it shows the other side of the always so concentrated and serious golfer you see on the course.

So let's go over to You tube and see what we want to dream about tonight.

Oh boy... I need a doctor and some TLC

I seem to be at that age that you get a hangover after a party without getting drunk. Last night was the company new years party. 1200 people, good food, plenty of drink and good music. I didn't have too much to drink; 3 glasses of champagne, a caipirinha and then on to water and coke light... Still had a pounding migraine today and spent the most of (a beautiful) day in bed. The weather was so nice the kids next door were playing outside (had the window open for some much needed fresh air) and one of the kids had gotten in his hands on a whistle, driving next doors dog barmy and barking..... AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. Kids have some mercy for middle aged partying women who get hung over by oxygen deprivation. I blame the head ache on the fact of 1200 people trying to breathe the same oxygen whilst jumping and boogieing like madmen and -women.

But still had a good time and I know some who are going to be feeling even worse today (those who did let the alcohol flow) LOL. As much as the politics of this firm suck, they do know how to throw a party, maybe they should change their line of business to what they do best....

Distinctly remember this one:

Sexy back

Nothing worthwhile to mention these days. Randomly surfing the net for fav hunky men, fav songs and stumble on a vid featuring sexy back.

Hilarious combination!! Lmao



Best wishes for 2008. Health, love and happiness to you all. May some of your dreams come true (I says some because we always have to have dreams, it would be a shame to have them all come true at the same time).

I hope everybody has survived the holidays without indigestion or severe hangover :-)

I guess everybody has made his new year's resolutions? I have, they are always the same, try to lose all the weight I gained again this year by July 17(should consider renaming myself yo yo - and why that date? A friends wedding and would like to look gorgeous for once in a dress); live healthier...

But instead of making a resolutions list I made a yummy lads wish list; as unrealistic and unobtainable as my resolutions list:

1. Sitting in front of the fire place with Sam at my feet reading me poetry
Photobucket *strokes his teddy*

2. get a physical examination at work from one of these 'doctors' instead of our creepy company physician LOL
Photobucket Leland Orser alias Dr. Dubenko

Chris Gabardi alias dr Vincent Hughes

3. Get a golf lesson from this hotty: Photobucket Sergio Garcia

4. Get strip searched by this red head: Photobucket David Caruso alias Horatio Caine (yes, dear I'll hold your sunglasses while to do you thing.... lol)

5. Get my personal serenade by this guy:
Photobucket Simply red's Mick Hucknall

6. An intensive math lesson with this brown eyed curly elf :-) : Photobucket David Krumholtz alias Charlie Eppes (Numb3rs)


I would like to thank these gentlemen for being there in 2007 when I was feeling low or lonely and hope I will get to enjoy their company in 2008. (And thank God for the audio tapes of Sam West, that way I can fake wish #1 a bit LOL)

So to all of you happy dreaming in 2008!

Dreams are necessary to life - Anaïs Nin
Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning - Gloria Steinem


It has been some time since my last post. Not only did my father suffer a stroke, but 4 weeks later my mum also had to go into hospital for a few days. Everything is getting better, slowly, but we’re getting there.
Unfortunately my dad’s brother died, he had been ill for a while, but still it was rather sudden. I have just returned from his funeral. I must say my aunt, his wife, is an amazing person. My father wanted to go to the funeral but it was too emotional and too soon after his own illness so he could not go. He felt so bad, but she was the first to say, don’t worry I understand all to well; she ended up comforting me instead of me comforting her. And she has been through so much, they have 5 children, lost third son only 2 years old and her first born son died at only 28 from a strange heart disease and now my uncle, he was only 64.
I hope to have been of comfort to my dad. After the funeral I went home and tried to describe the service, the feelings of the people. I took him the remembrance card. I told him that my other uncle, who could not attend the funeral, he’s in the far east for the moment (all brothers do/did the same work, merchant navy), knows all ships got the message so he actually was remembered world wide. A lot of former co-workers also attended the funeral.

Let’s hope 2008 will be a better year, 2007 has brought a lot of heartache. I’m not really looking forward to Christmas as I usually do. As luck will have it, it’s my turn this year to prepare the Christmas dinner for my husbands family (we take turns with his brother and sister). I have just realized that there are only 20 days to go and I have no idea what I’m going to make, have to get the Christmas presents, Christmas decorations,… I’m starting to freak out a bit cause normally I have this all planned and enjoy doing this, but this year it feels a bit like a burden.

I should stop complaining, I should be grateful we can still all celebrate together. There are others who will have to miss loved ones (again) this year.

Cook yourself thin

I have been nursing a two day migraine. Don't know what the trigger was, didn't budge with a bucket of painkillers. The only thing was to crawl into bed and try to sleep it of. Well it's all gone now, I did miss a good party on Thursday night because of it *bummer*

Am watching 'cook yourself thin on tv'. They make it sound so easy, they are making champagne truffles, but here is the catch: two a day save you xxx calories instead of xxx calories of the of the shelf chocolate treats... Dear ladies, that my problem ONLY TWO A DAY??????
The recipes do look good, must try some of them. I need to drop more than one dress size. I only have 9 months left to fit into a descent dress for my friends wedding! And I have started two months ago and keep tripping over my sweet tooth.
Gee the girl in the program dropped from a size 16 to a size 12 in a short time. *immediately surfs to the website of the program* http://www.channel4.com/life/microsites/C/cook-yourself-thin/index.html
I'll never be I size 12 or aspire to be, but I know I would feel better a few sizes smaller again (and my bank account would do too, closet full of clothes that don't fit any more).

Have been combining favorite searches 'ginger men' and 'golf' and came up with: Damien Lewis.

He is a gorgeous redhead, a great actor and he plays golf! I found a nice picture from the all star cup, a celebrity golf match between european and american celebrities. It was apparently aired by ITV in 2005 and 2006, but there was no interest any more in 2007. Must have been fun for Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglass, as he was playing for America and she of course played for Europe. Nice tension in the household LOL. (And yes, Europe won 2 years in a row)


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