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Why I will always be just a little bit fat.

I am destined for greatness, unfortunately now it's only expressed by my size!

13 June 1965
I'm a romantic at heart. Maybe too much for my own good. By day I am an insurance claim assessor, yes I know... so I need my fantasy world. It used to be books, but now more and more movies.

I can also relate to Bridget Jones, as I will always be just a little bit fat! (my constant struggle, I am a human yoyo and too found of ice cream) But in the end I have also found my Mr. Darcy!

I have recently 'fallen' for Samuel West (after seeing Hornblower 'the wrong war'). Researching him on the net led me to the Samuel_daily community. I found lots of pictures and info here and whished to thank and comment to the kind people who share all this. I found it not so polite to remain anonymous so I got my own account.

I have taken up golf 4 years ago, love it but also hate it (only golfers will understand this madness)

The men on my laminated list are:

Samuel West
Sergio Garcia
Colin Firth
Damien Lewis
Mick Hucknall
Darren Clarke

Favourite song: to the moon and back - savage garden

Way to boring for some of you, but please indulge me.